Short-term work exchange between startups.

Access underutilized talent within other startups who have excess capacity or need to reduce short-term expenses.

A Deployee team member will have a call with you to discuss your needs. We'll gather your requirements and goals, and make sure you're primed for success!

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We'll search the vetted startups within our talent network to find a company team with the expertise and availability you need.

Get matched with talent

We'll introduce you to the best-fit teams. You make the final decision on getting started. We'll handle the contracts and payments.

Select a team and finalize terms

How It Works

Move faster and stay leaner with temporary deployments.

You start working with your new temporary team. We'll be here to help keep things on track if you need it.

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At the end of the project, the team returns to their home company. You're free to use the same teams again whenever needed.

Work is completed & talent redeployed

Deployee connects startups with talent from other startups who have extra bandwidth for short-term deployments.

Deployment Types

We find talent from within growing software startups to help build, market, and scale your products.

Tag in extra help when your team needs it. We'll help you find companies in a similar industry and vertical, so individuals can be effective as soon as possible.

Bring in a team or individual to help with any deliverable - from a quick marketing campaign to a full product launch.

Call in an expert to help you navigate through a problem or seize an opportunity. Access the knowledge of the startup community whenever you need it.

Project or Tasks



Account manager to assist in recruiting, and managing project

Freelance or Agency

Time spent searching

Estimated cost

Vetted teams with proven track record in your industry



Why Deployee


Varies by Quality





Quality of talent and work



High (if you can afford it)

Deployee lets team members stay employed at their home startup, while offering a significant advantage over other options.

Barter or trade in lieu of cash?

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